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Committed to the Community.



Committed to Service.



We work closely with local organizations to provide program management consulting, case management, a variety of supportive services, life skills training, employment preparation training, and  access to transitional housing opportunities.



We provide innovative consulting and project management solutions to public service organizations. We contract to provide short-term solutions to social projects and programming, especially for organizations in transition. We are actively engaged in connecting the community to supportive services, transitional housing, and educational resources.


Follow local and national news stories that have an immediate impact on health and wellness of our communities.



The Brown Group LLC was established to serve the community through the delivery of, or referral to, various support services, personal wellness programs, and transitional housing. We provide consulting services to growing organizations, and program management services to organizations in transition. 

The Brown Group LLC researches innovative approaches to improved organizational development, and maintains active relationships with many local public service organizations. We strive to represent and provide a voice to those who are in need and feeling hopeless. 

We are committed to the community. We are committed to service.



The Brown Group LLC

3705 Arctic Blvd. #1784

Anchorage, AK 99503


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