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The Brown Group LLC would like to provide you assistance with your service to our community. Please connect with us to communicate your needs and determine if we will be able to support your organization's needs. Our goal is to make your organizational transition and restructure as seamless as possible, while providing uninterrupted service to your program participants and community stakeholders.



New Hires
Support Services:
Getting you on your feet.

The Brown Group LLC works closely with programs to identify the appropriate supportive services needed for them to transition their participants into self-sustainability. We provide some services, while other services are referred. Services can include employment skills development, job search assistance, soft skills, basic computer skills, case management services, and individual/group interpersonal skill building.


House Windows & Roofs
Transitional Housing:
A place to call home.

We know that life happens, putting people in situations that are very hard to navigate alone. Whether transitioning from incarceration or temporary homelessness due to a major change in life circumstances, The Brown Group LLC wants to help you find a place to call home until you are able to get back on your feet.

Holding Hands
Wellness Programs:
Getting you assistance.

The Brown Group LLC works closely with programs to identify the appropriate wellness programs for individuals in need of self-healing and self-improvement. We feel that there is no better time than the present to work on improving ones self. We make sure to stay in contact with local agencies for quick referrals for immediate assistance.

Consulting Services:
Helping you to serve.

The Brown Group LLC provides consulting services for organizations in need of temporary assistance in times of transition and reorganization. We focus on project management, case management, staff training and development, and community outreach programming.



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